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It will not be difficult to measure the number of clicks from directories. Where you paid for priority placement using Metrica or Analytics. Or another method is the use of competitors brands. For example one callback widget service publishe. A rating of popular similar widgets. And at the request of the names of these services the page. Appeare on the first pages of the issuance and visitors. Began to visit it and user registrations appeare on the service. So to summarize we get types of advertising Contextual Yandex. Direct and Google Adwords Marketplaces Yandex Market and Google. Merchant Center SEO is the first page of search results.

Or Services Use The Wordstat Service Word

Site types There are three popular types of commercial sites onepage Landing Page corporate site online store. Everyone has a different type of promotion. For contextual advertising a onepage site is enough they are calle landings from the word land to land the place where you land visitors from an advertisement. It usually consists of one long page Papua New Guinea Email List with different blocks. They answer questions that a potential client has about a product or service and the company that provides them. Trade offer options with different prices benefits scheme of work reviews contact information. Landingpage with individual design for ZGate company For a marketplace you nee an online store with a catalog of goods each product is place in a separate product card. There is a basket for placing orders information about delivery forms of payment etc.

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Word Stat Statistics To Work

Online store TUDORHORECA for the sale of English porcelain Tudor England For better visibility in the search it is advisable to make multipage sites. Onepagers are promote only by similar phrases. For phrases for which there is high competition IT Cell Number a multipage website will definitely be require with detaile information about the company and services or products. For example on the type request buy stretch ceilings you will not find onepage sites on the first page. The top ten includes multipage and multilevel web resources with detaile information about the technology types of ceilings materials fastening systems installation companies readymade solutions complete work detaile price lists customer reviews.

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