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If your team does not have a manager entrust this role to one of the system administrators let him control the performer tell him and not let him stretch the deadlines. You can compare infrastructure migration to civil aviation. There are always two pilots on planes they duplicate and secure each other. What one may miss another will notice. Secondly the project manager must draw up a calendar plan and propose criteria for evaluating the result at each stage.

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It is necessary to divide the migration into stages it does not matter where and how you transfer the infrastructure whether it happens seamlessly or with a small downtime. The transfer in parts at a calm pace will allow you to avoid mistakes and a hard rollback to the start of work. What should be include in your plan The current state of the Anguilla Email List infrastructure. Requirements for the new site its technical characteristics. The sequence of migration what stages to break the move into where to start. Deadlines for the project as a whole and for each stage separately. Plan B what to do if things go wrong. Tip Even if you are sure that the migration will succee without downtime it is better to warn users about possible failures.

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Choose soft deadlines Avoid extreme deadlines. If youre moving from one provider to another dont plan it close to hosting shutdown. Ideally if at least seven paid days remain in stock. So you can stay on the old site if the migration does not take place and IT Cell Number easily extend the paid period. Use a proven software stack Looks like the executor here had containers in Docker that he wante to replicate to the new site. And I chose Docker Swarm for this. This is a difficult to manage and little stable tool and on the Internet few people share their experience with it. To avoid such problems test the selecte tool before use.

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