Page Manager You Were Meant to Be

Facebook business pages have the ability to turn off the message feature, but it is highly advised that leave it on. Facebook has recently put a lot of emphasis on messenger by rolling out new shopping features and automated bots. It’s unknown how messages affect the page ranking vs non-message enabled pages, but it’s very clear that facebook wants you to use it. Remember that facebook shows how responsive you are, so make sure you’re monitoring and responding quickly. Also keep in mind that messages allow customers to share their frustrations with you privately, which could prevent a negative post on your public wall.

Facebook’s live video feature is becoming wildly popular for individuals as well as brands. The live video is streamed to followers and allows them to watch, comment, like, and react in real time. Businesses can use the video to feature products, do giveaways, or cover stories and events. On average, the live videos have better reach than a prerecorded video posted to the page. Here are a few tips to help you start your first facebook live video or improve the ones you’re already doing.

Know what you’re going to talk about before starting to go live

Have the caption written before: just like other posts, you can have a caption about the video. Type this out before going live to let viewers know what you are talking about.

The longer the better: live videos phone list have the best traction when they. Are longer because it lets more viewers join in. It is recommended to go at. Least 10 minutes, with the maximum time being 90 minutes for a regular live video.

We call it the 10at10 and prepare digital marketing updates to share with followers each week. In addition to the prepared material, we answer questions from viewers that they have about digital marketing.

Lastly make sure you follow and read the terms of service set by facebook

If you’re caught breaking their tos, your page could be removed immediately without warning. One area where many businesses break the rules is during giveaways or contests. You might want to read the facebook page terms before starting your next contest. It’s safest to check the tos agreements and forums before making any major page changes or running. A major contest to make sure you’re in compliance.

Become the page manager you were IT Cell Number meant to be
These are just a few tips to help you manage your facebook page. Remember to treat the page not just as a means of advertising, but a way to create, build, and keep lasting relationships with your customers. If you have any questions about advertising on social media, we’re always here to answer your questions. You can also download our free whitepaper on the difference between running a personal facebook page and a business page.

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