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It turns out that the decision to approve or block incoming traffic is made not only on the basis of the rules set by the administrator but also taking into account the context information receive from previous sessions. Session stateful firewalls are considere much more flexible than classic firewalls. Unifie threat management or universal security gateway Such firewalls include antivirus firewall spam filter VPN and IDS IPS Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems session control.

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The main advantage of this technology is that the administrator does not work with a fleet of different devices but uses a single solution. This is convenient since the manufacturer provides a centralize interface for managing services policies rules and also provides the ability to fine tune the equipment. Device architecture UTM architecture. The UTM Georgia Email List device includes several types of processors general purpose processor or central processing unit data processor network processor security policy processor. A general purpose processor is similar to the processor found in a conventional PC. It performs basic operations on the firewall. Other types of processors are designe to reuce the load on it. The data processor is responsible for processing suspicious traffic and comparing it with learne threats.

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It spees up application layer calculations and also performs antivirus and intrusion prevention tasks. The network processor is designe for high spee processing of network streams. The main task is to analyze packets and data blocks translate network IT Cell Number addresses route network traffic and encrypt it. The Security Policy Processor is responsible for performing antivirus and intrusion prevention tasks. It also offloads the general purpose processor by processing complex computational tasks. Firewall rental Reliable server protection according to your rules. More Next Generation Firewall NGFW Next generation firewall NGFW is the next generation firewall.

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