Remarketing in Twitter Ads how to exclude converted users

Learn how to use custom audience exclusion on Twitter to not show ads to users who have already converted. Maaa Do you know what I just did? No, I haven’t just watched the first La Voz 16 program (that was before). No, I haven’t gone running (my calf hurts). No, I’m not talking to you about the second ibuprofen of the day (pharyngitis, I’m a softie)… I just responded to 80 comments! My goodness, I was so late. With a delay like that, anyone ends up peeing on a stick. Permanent. But I, who only did it once “to see what it was like”,

Remarketing in 8 simple tips

Come on, I’ll give you the background in a very schematic way, Therefore,okay? Remarketing or Retargeting is top industry data creating online advertising campaigns aimed at people who have shown Therefore,a prior interest in your website, brand, product, etc. Its operation is simple : When the person enters your website, you leave a cookie, add it to a list and capture the behavior they do on your website. Therefore,When you build a campaign in Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc., you use these lists as targets (you only target those people) and you define a series of behavioral criteria if you want to make things even better. If you want to see a real example , go to Amazon, visit a series of products and then go to Facebook or other portals. The products will haunt you. It works really well .

Remarketing in Twitter Ads: problem and solution

Now let’s get serious. Please read point 8 again . already? Good! In addition to being Therefore,counterproductive, people do not like it at all when you show IT Cell Number them ads when they have already purchased the product from you. Especially if the ad offers a greater discount. I leave it there. In Google Adwords and Facebook,Therefore, I have always solved this problem in the list construction itself, setting as conditions that they have visited a certain page and not the thank you page .

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