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How to find clients for an accountant on the stock exchange Register on the website. Mark your specialization in your profile. Fill in the personal page with business information. Examples of works are adde to it in the form of text links videos files descriptions. Write a personal message to the customer whose vacancy seeme attractive. A paid PROaccount significantly expands the possibilities of a freelancer. It allows you to apply without restrictions. Allows you to send private messages and see contacts for direct communication on the pages of all users. job search websites Recruitment sites are designe to post resumes and vacancies.

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The functionality of the resources allows you to send responses to the proposals of employers. Popular work services superjob is a commercial online portal of the Russian Feeration. It hosts more than of vacancies in the Russianspeaking job market. The South Korea Email List site has a section of the analytical magazine Zarplatomer. It publishes data on wages in Russian cities every month. hh is a recruiting service headquartere in Cyprus. The number of clientsweb service companies reaches million people. The portal offers guests the functionality of a Career Consultant where you can get background information on job search issues. rabota is a Russianlanguage project with a concise interface. Since PJSC Sberbank has been its owner.

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According to Rambler the web site is include in the rating of Russian sites with the highest traffic. gorodrabot — an online portal opene in . Up to . million visitors visit it every month. The platform publishes GorodRabot vacancies ads from IT Cell Number Superjob and other recruiting services. The site has a form for calculating the modal average and meian statistics of the salaries of accountants in the country. joblab is a free website. At first the online platform was intende for job search in the Moscow region and was calle JobMO. Now it publishes proposals from all regions of the Russian Feeration. How to find clients for an accountant on recruiting sites Apply for job. The opportunity will present itself after authorization on the web site.

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