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It happens that these synonyms for the search engine have different meanings. For many business owners search engine optimization is a key channel for attracting the target audience to their web resources. This is especially true for online stores websites of service companies aggregators catalogs information portals etc. Their promotion requires serious labor costs since in addition to filling the site one should analyze the change in search engine results study competitors configure and implement conversion and analytics tools etc.

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Therefore quite often site owners and marketers have a question what SEO indicators nee to be monitore in order to respond to negative changes in time and correct the situation. This question is also relevant for web studio specialists who run Ethiopia Email List many projects at the same time. It is also important for representatives of companies that have delegate site optimization work to freelance marketers or professional agencies. Lets take a look at the main SEO metrics. For convenience we divide them into groups search traffic. Key words and positions. Links. Download spee. Efficiency. Search traffic One of the indicators that reflects the level of success and quality of work of your SEO. If the traffic from the search is growing then the work carrie out on the site increases its visibility in search engines.

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To measure this indicator use Yandex. Metrica search traffic screen Yandex Metrika Information available By search engines track traffic IT Cell Number dynamics for all search engines. The devices on which the site is most often viewe more visitors are from mobile devices or from desktop computers. Pages that are visite by search engines what products and services are in high demand. Geography of visitors the share of traffic in the target region. Search terms and positions Pay attention to the search queries that lead to the site.

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