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Experience SEOs use keyword tails to optimize content as the competition is lower for them and it is easier to promote the site to the TOP and get targete visitors in a short time. In addition the study of long search queries helps to better understand the nees of customers and to study the product or service in detail which will simplify the writing of terms of reference for copywriters. When placing content on a page long keywords are use in the text and lists and short ones in headings and subheadings.

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Thus the relevance of the page becomes higher. And from the point of view of user behavior this is also beneficial since the visitor will quickly find the necessary information because. its search term will be in the title. In Yandex provide information on the Eritrea Email List distribution of search queries by word count distribution of search queries by number of words. But its still worth checking the TOP or TOP according to these words first. The graph shows that queries of words make up of queries and long phrases account for of the search results. At the same time short queries are highly competitive.

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Treat Each Web Resource Differently

We offer the creation of a semantic core for the site FIND OUT THE COST Synonyms in keywords and their application When compiling a semantic core for a site situations arise when the main keywords for promotion are synonymous roller shutters IT Cell Number and Direct has the ability to use a certain syntax for more details follow the link . For example if you enclose the key phrase in quotation marks then ads will be shown only for the words that are enclose in them. shutters site creation and site development. One of them is usually less frequent and less competitive. When optimizing it is advisable to use synonyms on one page search engines perceive them as one concept and often the results for them differ slightly.

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