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This improves the usability of a manage solution and is more beneficial for a client who already uses the providers infrastructure. Thats why The spee of container deployment is increase due to the proximity of the infrastructure with the image registry. The provider may have special conditions for those who use several products in the infrastructure. Speaking of Selectels Container Registry the traffic between the Manage Kubernetes service infrastructure in the cloud platform and image storage is free. Important This does not cover physical infrastructure.

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If you have Kubernetes Docker Docker Swarm Nomad deploye on a deicate server traffic to the connecte Container Registry will be charge. A ready made solution is safer than public services you get a private repository which is store in three copies. The disadvantage of this approach for some companies may be that the solution is paid using the same Docker Djibouti Email List Hub on a free plan costs only the labor of specialists. In other cases one way or another you will have to pay for resources for storing images. Who is suitable and not suitable for Container Registry A production ready image registry is suitable for companies that maintain a microservice infrastructure or develop applications in containers.

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They can be Manage Kubernetes clients or deploy containers on Selectel cloud or physical servers. Also the solution is the choice for those who do not IT Cell Number want to configure and administer their own image repository and also give a high priority to security. The solution is not suitable for those who do not use containers in development. Container Registry in beta During the beta testing the service can be use free of charge. But there is a limitation within one project in the cloud there are limits on one registry in the amount of GB and repositories. Working with registries in the Container Registry interface.

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