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Focus on the context on the cost of a visitor from advertising application price traffic volume work on landing pages. How long to wait for the result For search engine optimization focus on months. The first months work is carrie out on technical parameters selection of search phrases page optimization. At months search engines notice changes and begin to respond. The position of the site on requests begins to grow there are more search transitions from. Search engines and if the traffic is targete the first hits appear.

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If there are no positive changes in months start communicating more closely with marketers or select new ones. It is also an option to order an audit how to do it right read the material here. When setting up contextual advertising in the first month the Latvia Email List contractor selects phrases analyzes and refines landing pages and creates advertisements. For the second and third months there should already be a return on advertising in the form of targete traffic and hits. It is desirable to get closer to the IFR ideal end result which was agree upon at the start of cooperation.

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If there are no visible results for months it is worth reviewing the terms of cooperation or choosing another contractor. Payment options for cooperation Pay for what for work setting up advertising finalizing the site for the result traffic positions IT Cell Number leads. According to SEO it is not reasonable to pay for positions since the demand for phrases is not constant and there may be a situation in which the positions of the site pages are in the TOP but there is no traffic and therefore no hits. It is advisable to pay for traffic. The more traffic the more pay. At the same time at the cost of each visitor from the search you are guide by contextual advertising.

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