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Choosing a pool you can start from the desire region service and type of server deicate or cloud. The already mentione accessibility matrix will help you navigate . Rack distribution and server groups fault tolerance at the micro level and out of the box. We conclude the overview of the possibilities with the smallest element of the infrastructure matryoshka. A rack for deicate servers and a virtualization host for cloud servers. Lets consider them separately.

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Rack Distribution When ordering several deicate servers in one pool the client may not know exactly. How they will be locate in the computer room. So they can get into the same rack connecte to the same network equipment. This means that the Argentina Email List servers will be in the same failure domain a particular rack will fail over the network or the PDU will fail it will hit both servers. In Selectel a deicate server client can see how the machines are distribute across the racks and evaluate whether the infrastructure nees to be relocate. How to do this read the knowlege base.

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What does it give. Ideally racking should complement another way to improve fault tolerance at the availability zone or pool level . But if other concepts are not an option then racking will protect critical services from the consequences of scheule maintenance or minor accidents. Nuance At the moment the opportunity is not available to all customers. If a IT Cell Number feature is not available for you and the task of ensuring continuous operation is relevant write to technical support. We will provide you with the necessary information in manual mode and help you find the best solution to improve fault tolerance. Server groups in the cloud In the case of a cloud infrastructure you can increase fault tolerance at the virtualization host level. This is done by creating a placement group.

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