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Low market competitiveness . There are many infrastructure providers in the country but as a rule they offer only vps virtual private server separate servers with limite functionality for basic tasks. Selectel was ready to offer a complete infrastructure virtual servers cloud databases Manage Kubernetes and other services. Availability of a local expert . There was a representative in Uzbekistan who was well acquainte with the market. He was seen as a guide to local business. All these points prove that Selectel services can be useful for the local market.

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Uzbekistan is a good place to scale the companys cloud and test a remote cloud region Restrictions Internet is expensive in Uzbekistan so channel bandwidth and traffic limits are one of the pain points of local providers and at the same time a way to stand out from competitors. If in St. Petersburg for example the Internet bandwidth is up to Gbps then Grenada Email List for most providers in Uzbekistan it ranges from Mbps to Mbps. We decide that we would immeiately provide the maximum says Alexander Khudyakov. Therefore the spee of the Internet by default is Mbps. The limit of free traffic per month is TB. Another feature that is unusual for Russia in order to raise VPN connections you nee to obtain official permission from the state owne provider Uzbektelecom. Any UDP traffic in the VPN tunnel that is not approve by the operator will be blocke.

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All external traffic of local providers passes through the routers of the state operator. If some kind of breakdown occurs on the border routers of Uzbektelecom Uzbekistans connection with the world also falls. If you are an infrastructure provider in IT Cell Number Uzbekistan you nee to be prepare for this you can guarantee the fault tolerance of the infrastructure within the country but it will be difficult to control the stability of external communications. MVP We starte with a more substantive probing of the soil. Its one thing to assume demand its another to face reality. At the start they considere the format for providing services they chose between a kind of boxe SaaS with a set of services like GSuite for local business tasks and classic IaaS.

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